This project started out as fun and a way to spend time with friends and family and has remained true to that approach, so while the aim has never been to chase absolute laps times I have tried to improvewith each session. Some of the lap time improvememnts have come from upgrades, with the switch to Pirelli slicks having the largest single impact, the rest of the improvements have come coaching and feedback from friends, drivers, watching videos back, data analysis (AIM Technologies and now Racelogic) and simply spending more time in the car.

The car is much quicker than I can driver it, but as they say progress not to find those 7/10ths!

Project Nordschleife

Silverstone National - 1min 26.4s (fully wet) avg 68.33MPH (Feb 2012)

Spa Francorchamps  - 3min 12.2s avg 81.51MPH (Apr 2012)

Snetterton 300 - 2min 25.7s avg 73.88MPH (Aug 2012)

Nurburgring Nordschleife - 10min 33.8s (fully wet) avg 73.44MPH (Oct 2012)

Project Nordschleife - II

Nurburgring Nordschleife - 8min 56.9s avg 86.7MPH PLENTY more to come from both driver and car! (Jun 2013)

Snetterton 300 - 2min 30.8s avg (fully wet) 71.38MPH (Aug 2013)

Snetterton 300 - 2min 17.9  avg 77.79MPH (Aug 2018)

Rockingham National - 2min 18.9  avg 77.75MPH (Jul 2017)

Donnington National - TBC* (Oct 2017)

Donnington National - TBC*  (Oct 2015)

Silverstone International - 1 min 49.3 (fully wet) avg 60.97MPH (Nov 2013)

Silverstone International - 1 min 26.8 avg 76.77MPH (Mar 2014)

Silverstone Grand Prix - 2 min 42.3 avg 81.18MPH (Jun 2014)

Nurburgring Nordschleife - 8min 32.6s avg 90.91MPH,  24.3 seconds faster than last visit to the Ring (Jul 2014)

*need to review the video and data logger to get the correct time